Caolino Panciera owns two principal logistic centers: the first warehouse is inside the port in Ravenna that stores the material coming from the extra European quarries. The port of Ravenna manages an annual traffic of over 20 million tons of goods, one of the most important of Italy. The second warehouse will be built in the center of the Sassuolo ceramic district; it will be a new hub for mixing and storing raw material in order to satisfy all requests of the ceramic district. The new hub will have a total of 18,000 square meters of which 8000 are covered with a storage potential of approx. 35,000 tons of clay. The warehouse in Ravenna takes advantage of the nearby commercial port, manage the reception and handling of raw materials from the quarries. Computerized management of the warehouse in Ravenna, in network with the Fiorano modenese office, guarantees constant supply of many products in the range.

Some numbers



of raw materials exchanged



surface of the warehouse in Ravenna



stocked, by which 60.000 MT inside a covered structure

40 vessels sailed per year

Up to 450 trucks per week