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The R&D laboratory, specialised in analysis and research on raw materials, boasts a unique wealth of know-how, with qualified professionals assuring renewal and growth.

Decades of experience in fostering the development of ceramic products, generated by close relations with producers, a database of thousands of clays from all over the world, and the use of certified analysis methods and instruments, make Caolino Panciera a partner producers can count on.

Our services

Our services

  • Free service for customers all over the world on raw materials, tile body mixes and spray-dried materials for the various types of ceramic materials, including technical stoneware, monoporosa and porcelain for large slabs.

  • Mineralogical analysis on fired and unfired materials, chemical analysis on a wide range of elements, measurement of plasticity, breaking strain, granulometry of dry powders and suspensions, dilatometry, heating microscope, sintering tests and pyroplasticity tests, measurement of rheological parameters, colorimetrical analysis, gradients and curves.

  • Capability for production of mixes tailored to the customer’s specific needs Specifically.

Analyses available

  • 1
    Qualitative and quantitative diffractometrical analysis (Rietvelt method) on raw materials, fired materials and bodies (Rietvelt – RIR method) by means of X-Ray Diffractometer.
  • 2
    XRF analysis of the first 8 elements of ceramic raw materials, chimical analysis qualitative and semi-quantitative on a wide range of chimical elements of the periodic table.
  • 3
    Measurement of technological parameters such as breaking strain, specific surface (MBI method), dilatation coefficient, sintering curve and piroplasticity.
  • 4
    Measurement of rheological parameters using a Rheometer.
  • 5
    Particle size analysis on dry powder in suspension and slips by laser particle size.
  • 6
    Determination of Carbon and Sulfur on raw materials and ceramic bodies.
  • 7
    Analysis of the use of wastewater in tile body mixes.
  • 8
    Studies on tile body mixes and combinations of raw and recycled materials with measurement of the main analytical parameters, gradient curves and semi-industrial trials with a laboratory spray-dryer.
  • 9
    Milling process optimization studies.



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