Who we are

Who we are

Caolino Panciera is a mining company highly qualified in supplying raw materials for the ceramic industry. Since 1908, it operates as a mining company growing on solid basis like Innovation and Professionalism. The quality of its costumer service and the prestige earned in a century have permitted to development several joint Ventures with partners around the world. In particular, the close contact with Italian ceramic industry make Caolino Panciera able to supply not only materials but also valuable experience to every customers.

In 1987 Caolino Panciera became part of the Emilceramica group, a leading company in the production of ceramic floors and walls, with the aim of guaranteeing the Group constant quality values of the raw materials used in the production of different types of tiles. .

Over 100 years of history

Caolino Panciera is the first company founded in Italy for extraction of Kaolin.

  • Caolino Panciera established in Schio (Vi) – Italy

  • Development of new technology in the kaolin’s production process

  • Acquisition from Emilceramica Group

  • Joint venture established in Albania and Ex-Jugoslavia

  • Caolino Panciera moves to the new headquarte

  • Joint venture established with Etiler in Turkey

  • Joint venture established in Ukraine

  • The logistic center built in Ravenna

  • The R&D dept was doubled

  • Centenary of the foundation




Caolino Panciera is targeted to supply every ceramic industry following these binding parameters:

Quality: The raw materials proposed are chosen by a database of about 7.000 items, among which clays, sands e feldspars selected worldwide.

Logistics: With twenty years of experience in maritime transport and with Emilceramica Group support every place is close to our quarries.

Support: Caolino Panciera’s laboratory is capable of any kind of analysis in the ceramic field

R&D: As a technological partner, Caolino Panciera consults its customers according to their specific needs. It provides tailor made solutions to improve its costumers competitiveness.